Your Total Gear Manufacturing Solution

Premier Gear and Machining integrates gear manufacturing and precision machining into one super-efficient system to produce a wide variety of gear products. Whether it is gear cutting on an existing part, or start-to-finish manufacturing of a part with gear features, Premier Gear and Machining has the expertise you need. Premier Gear and Machining combines years of hands-on experience with sophisticated job planning techniques, advanced shop-flow software, and state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, to deliver extraordinary value to its customers.

“Our customers benefit from our one-stop gear manufacturing solution because we control the entire process,” explains Steve Golden, production manager. “That is why we offer the best quality and delivery ratings in the business, at competitive prices, year after year. Simply put, Premier Gear and Machining is your total gear manufacturing solution.”

Quality Built Into Each Part

At Premier Gear and Machining, we know that you cannot inspect quality into a part. Quality is a company-wide way of life at Premier Gear and Machining. Our quality system starts with meticulous job planning where drawings are created for each manufacturing operation. It continues on the shop floor with state-of-the-art equipment and a wealth of manufacturing knowledge and expertise. Finally, comprehensive final inspection process, including 100% gear inspection using “redliners”, guarantees that every part we ship is defect-free and ready to use.

“Our team’s dedication to quality is why we ship dock-to-stock with virtually all of our customers, with quality ratings of 99.9% or better,” says Steve McIntire, quality manager. Put the Premier Gear and Machining team to work for you and experience a whole new level of quality and performance in gear manufacturing.

The Heart of Our Operation: Loyal Employees

Talented and dedicated employees are the most crucial element of any manufacturing operation. At Premier Gear and Machining, you will find people with more than twenty years of loyal service alongside those who are training their way into a satisfying manufacturing career. “We prefer to train our own people and promote from within the company,” explains Steve Golden, production manager. “Each of us knows that our reputation is only as good as our last shipment.” Teamwork and cooperation defines the environment at Premier Gear and Machining. The result is superior quality, outstanding customer service and a successful manufacturing operation year after year. Make Premier Gear and Machining a part of your winning team.

Post-Heat-Treat Gear Cutting

The heat-treating process imparts several desirable properties to metal like hardness, durability and thermal stability. It also causes machined parts to grow, shrink, distort, and acquire nicks and dings. At Premier Gear and Machining, it is our philosophy to hob, shape and broach gears in the post-heat treat state using our extensive knowledge and advanced manufacturing processes. This method eliminates any possibility of heat treat damage to your finished parts. Premier Gear and Machining is also expert at gear skiving, a cost-effective method of re-hobbing case-hardened gears using carbide cutting tools.

“Post heat-treat gear cutting takes the guesswork out of the manufacturing process,” explains Steve Golden, production manager. “We use the latest tools and techniques, and include an ongoing program to monitor our methods and improve our process.” At Premier Gear and Machining, we go the extra mile for quality and customer service.

Just-In-Time Deliveries

Premier Gear and Machining offers Just-In-Time deliveries for blanket-type purchase orders. We are set up to produce and stock your parts, and ship according to your requirements. “Many of our customers issue blanket purchase orders with J.I.T. delivery schedules,” says Steve Golden, production manager. “Using this method, we are able to offer our customers substantial cost savings over multiple purchase orders. Our job tracking system at Premier Gear and Machining is also flexible enough to accommodate schedule changes and drawing revisions during production runs.” Just-In-Time deliveries are a part of our overall commitment to customer service at Premier Gear and Machining. Let us perform for you.


Assembled parts save you time and money. Premier Gear and Machining can perform light assembly work such as gearbox assembly, armature assembly, worm gear sets, bearing & bushing installation, anti-backlash gears, ball detent assemblies, riveting, helicoil installation, and more. Premier Gear and Machining ships your completed assemblies ready for installation into your product. And with our company-wide commitment to quality, your assemblies are defect-free and on time. Quality assembly services are another aspect of our commitment to total customer service at Premier Gear and Machining.

Premier Gear is AS9100 Rev C Certified

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