New Studer favoritCNC Grinder

January 2017

Premier Gear has recently purchased a second Studer CNC grinder. Our new Studer favoritCNC Universal Grinding Machine effectively doubles the throughput capacity in our CNC grinding department. This state-of-the-art machine is designed for production and will handle the increasing demand for our Rotor and Shaft Assembly services; as well as for motor shafts and our hydraulic pump driveshafts for aerospace applications.

Premier Gear is dedicated to meeting our customers’ needs with unbeatable quality, cost-effective pricing and on-time deliveries. Our continuing commitment to offer you the latest in CNC precision machining technology is a large part of the Premier Gear tradition of superior customer service. Experience the efficiency of cutting-edge manufacturing technology at Premier Gear and find out how we can help save you time and money on all your precision gear requirements. Contact us today.

Huy Nguyen Retires

February 2015

Huy Nguyen is retiring from his full-time position as accounting manager/controller at Premier Gear. Huy has been with Premier Gear since 1993, and bought the company from the original owner – along with Steve Golden and Steve McIntire – in October, 2007. Huy was instrumental in planning and managing the growth that Premier Gear experienced during the past two decades, and especially during the past several years. Huy is primarily responsible for establishing and maintaining a very solid financial footing for Premier Gear as we look ahead to a very bright future.

Huy’s day to day responsibilities will be assumed by Meghan Golden, Financial/Administrative Assistant for Premier Gear. Meghan has been with the company since 2012 and brings energy and innovation to the financial side of the enterprise. Meghan holds a bachelor’s degree in Business and Supply Chain Management from California State University at San Marcos. Huy will remain involved in an advisory capacity during the transition, and everyone at Premier Gear wishes Huy well as he embarks on the next phase of his life.

Premier Gear Adds a DMG Mori Universal Lathe

October 2014

Premier Gear has recently added a new DMG Mori NLX 1500MC/500 Universal Lathe. This ultra-modern machine tool features BMT® (built-in motor turret) technology with limited thermal displacement and reduced vibration for super-precision machining. With a 6,000-rpm spindle, 2.0” bar capacity, a 12-station turret with 10,000-rpm live tooling and a programmable tailstock, this machine is a great addition to our already robust CNC turning department.

At Premier Gear we are committed to delivering quality products on time. With 17 modern CNC machine tools on the floor, in addition to our CNC gear hobbing, shaping and grinding equipment, we have the precision-machining capacity and flexibility you need for all of your gear manufacturing requirements – from very simple to highly complex configurations. You can count on Premier Gear to grow in order to meet the increasing demand for our quality gear products. For more information about our new DMG Mori Universal Lathe please contact us today.

Premier Gear Adds a Mori Seiki VMC

April 2014

Premier Gear has purchased a new Mori Seiki DuraVertical 5100 Vertical Machining Center. This state-of-the-art machine tool features a direct-drive rotary table for full 4-axis machining; a 20-hp, 10,000-rpm spindle; super-rigid construction with heavy-duty linear guides and rapid traverse; and a 40.5” x 20.9” x 20.1” xyz capacity. This super-accurate new VMC brings an increased level of speed and versatility to the CNC machining lineup at Premier Gear.

Premier Gear combines complete CNC milling, turning and grinding services, along with our extensive gear cutting capabilities, to offer you the most comprehensive and cost-effective gear manufacturing solution available. Let us show you what the right combination of equipment and more than twenty-five years of knowledge and experience can do for you. Contact us today.

A New Lorenz CNC Gear Shaper

December 2013

Premier Gear has added a Lorenz LS180 CNC Gear Shaper to our extensive list of CNC gear manufacturing equipment. This durable and accurate gear shaper has been completely remanufactured and retrofitted with a Fanuc CNC control by MTB Corporation. The addition of our second LS180 means we now have five CNC shapers to provide you with the gear manufacturing capacity you need.

Premier Gear is committed to managed growth. We strive to offer the best quality, on-time deliveries and customer service in the business. Our ongoing investment in cutting-edge manufacturing technology is your guarantee that we will continue to provide the gear-cutting capacity you need, and the service you expect, at very competitive prices. You can count on it.

Premier Gear Receives AS9100 Certification

December 2012

Premier Gear is pleased to announce our certification to the requirements AS9100 Rev C, an internationally developed and recognized standard for business management and quality assurance. AS9100 rev C is specifically designed to reduce cost and significantly improve overall product quality and operational safety. Our certification is a result of the hard work by the entire Premier Gear team and continues our tradition of uncompromising quality, reliable on-time deliveries, and outstanding customer service.

AS9100 Rev C was issued in January 2009 and is the quality management system that is specific to the aerospace industry; it defines the requirements for a quality management system (QMS) based upon ISO 9001:2008. This standard provides a blueprint for aerospace companies to implement a more effective quality management system that generates greater value for our customers.

Our AS9100 Rev C certification is a powerful testament to the streamlined, cost-efficient, modern manufacturing environment at Premier Gear. Contact us today to learn more about our commitment to delivering top-quality products, on time, every time.

A New Brown & Sharpe CMM at Premier Gear

October 2012

Premier Gear has recently added a new Brown & Sharpe 4.5.4 SF Coordinate Measuring Machine to enhance our inspection capabilities. The new CMM features advanced thermal compensation for superior accuracy, covered ways, built-in vibration resistance, and a high-reliability, skewed-bearing drive system.

Our new CMM is recognized throughout the industry as one of the most flexible and reliable machines available on the market today, expediting first-article and in-process inspections to help keep the shop floor running at peak efficiency. Our investment in this state-of-the-art CMM is a part of our ongoing program to take advantage of the latest technology, and our promise to deliver high-quality products on time. Contact us today to learn more about the high-tech manufacturing environment at Premier Gear.

Premier Gear Now Manufactures Clutch Assemblies

May 2011

Premier Gear is now producing completed clutch assemblies in response to our customers’ demand for “strategic sourcing” for completed assemblies. We manufacture all geared, splined and other precision-machined components, and purchase required hardware items from approved sources; then assemble, run-in, torque, disassemble, clean, grease, reassemble, re-torque and finally prepare each finished assembly for shipment directly to our customer’s assembly line.

Our customers benefit by placing a single purchase order for a completed clutch assembly – instead of multiple purchase orders from various suppliers – saving them time and money. Premier Gear offers an experienced one-stop, reliable source for precision gear and clutch assemblies. Contact us today to learn more about the total assembly solutions available at Premier Gear.

New Studer S33 CNC Grinder

February 2010

New for 2010 – Premier Gear and Machining continues to move forward with the addition of a new Studer S33 CNC O.D. Grinder. This state-of-the-art precision machine tool was purchased to handle the increasing demand for our Rotor and Shaft Assembly Cell services, and will be used to grind motor shafts, rotor and shaft assemblies, as well as our existing family of Aerospace Hydraulic Pump Driveshafts.

The addition of the Studer S33 means increased quality and more cost-effective pricing, and enhances our ability to meet our customers’ demanding delivery schedules. At Premier Gear and Machining, unbeatable quality and reliability have always been our top priority. Our ongoing commitment to bring you the latest in manufacturing technology is part of the Premier Gear and Manufacturing tradition of high-quality gear products, built to print, and delivered on time. Every time.

A New Rotor and Shaft Assembly Cell

February 2009

Premier Gear and Machining is proud to announce the addition of our new Rotor and Shaft Assembly Cell. In this cell, motor shafts and rotors are assembled in a four-step process. First, the rotor and shaft are pressed together. Next, the rotor is finished turned on a CNC lathe, followed by finish grinding of the rotor O.D. and other critical diameters in a CNC grinder to maintain concentricity. Finally, the completed rotor and shaft assembly is dynamically balanced and deburred.

The close proximity of the equipment, employee cross training and dedicated tooling enables quick set-ups, increased efficiency and fast turnarounds. Please click on the “Rotor & Shaft Cell” tab at left for a more detailed description of our new Rotor and Shaft Assembly Cell.

New CNC Gear Hobber with Automated Parts Loading

February 2009

Premier Gear and Machining is proud to announce the addition of our New Koepfer 200 CNC Gear Hobbing machine. This 8-axis, CNC-controlled machine is the ultimate answer to gear hobbing in the 21st century. This machine is equipped with Windows-style dialogue programming for fast and easy setup of complex, high-quality gears. Also, with our CNC-controlled gantry system, part loading is fully automated and excellent throughput is the result.

In conjunction with our first Koepfer 200, this machine tandem provides Premier Gear and Machining with a potent one-two gear punch. State-of-the-art, automated efficiency matched with decades of precision manufacturing experience offers our customers a whole new level of quality, service and value.

Premier Increases Gear Shaping Capacity

October 2007

Premier Gear and Machining has added a CNC re-controlled and rebuilt Fellows 10-4 gear shaper to our growing list of gear manufacturing equipment. The addition of the Fellows 10-4 increases our face-width gear-shaping capacity to 4”, and increases the throughput capacity of our shaping department by twenty-five percent. Premier Gear and Machining is committed to growing with our customers; providing the machining capacity and expertise you need for all of your gear manufacturing and precision machining requirements now and into the future. You can count on it.

Premier Gear Management Buyout

October 2007

Steve Golden, Huy Nguyen and Steve McIntire, the core management team at Premier Gear and Machining for many years, have acquired the company from its founder, Bill Murphy. The buyout has been in the works for many months and was carefully planned and implemented in order to minimize disruption to our business operations. The new owners are committed to maintaining and expanding our reputation for outstanding quality and customer service in all areas of our business.

As we look to the future, we are grateful for our relationships with our loyal customers; and we look forward to continuing to provide the best service in the business for all of your precision machining and gear cutting requirements.

Premier Gear Adds Precision Balancing

August 2005

Premier Gear and Machining is pleased to announce the acquisition of our new Hoffmann 12.1 Precision Balancing System. The addition of our Hoffmann means Premier Gear and Machining now controls more of the manufacturing process by balancing your rotor and shaft assemblies in-house.

Premier Gear and Machining can now handle your balancing requirements for parts up to 35 lbs, and up to 18 inches in length and 18 inches in diameter. It makes a lot of sense to have your rotor and shaft assemblies manufactured and balanced all under one roof, and by people who really know the business. Save yourself time and money. Make Premier Gear and Machining your one-stop source for rotor and shaft assemblies.

Parts Machined from Vespel Material

August 2002

At a cost of more than $60.00 per inch, there is little margin for error when machining parts from Vespel. Premier Gear and Machining has perfected a manufacturing process to produce parts from this costly material with little or no waste. This means that Premier Gear and Machining is able to offer high-quality Vespel parts at very competitive prices. Bring your next Vespel requirement to Premier Gear and Machining and let us show you how to maximize your cost savings for this unique material.

Rotor and Shaft Assemblies

August 2002

Premier Gear and Machining now offers precision rotor and shaft assemblies. Each assembly is ground and balanced at our facility and shipped to you complete and ready for installation. The same commitment to quality and value that produces our exceptional manufactured parts is evident in our assemblies. With dock-to-stock shipments on a just-in-time basis, our customers save valuable time and money with our complete assembly services. Premier Gear and Machining is ready to solve your rotor and shaft assembly problems. Let us show you how it is done.

Matched Worm Gear Sets

August 2002

Premier Gear and Machining now produces individually matched and serialized worm gear sets. Each gear is cut to match the previously thread ground worm component to guarantee precision operation of the worm gear assembly. “Our advanced manufacturing methods allow us to eliminate the lapping operation for these matched sets,” explains Steve Golden, production manager. “This increased efficiency is passed on to our customers in the form of higher quality and better value.” Matched worm gear sets without lapping is yet another way that Premier Gear and Machining sets the standard in gear manufacturing technology.

Acme Gear Shaft Assembly

August 2002

Premier Gear and Machining machines each component part of your gear shaft assembly to exacting tolerances. These components are then welded, proof and torque tested, processed, and assembled under strict quality control to produce a finished product that performs as designed. The Premier Gear and Machining planning department coordinates each step of the process, from machining to outside processing to final assembly, delivering top quality gear shaft assemblies on time. Premier Gear and Machining is more than just a gear shop - we are your total precision manufacturing solution.

Premier Gear is AS9100 Rev C Certified

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